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as a tooth rotting sugar rush. Still, even those eating the healthier varieties sometimes succumb to the tempting Mens Aaron Rodgers Game Lights Out Grey Jersey taste of sprinkled sugar. You can skip this step by buying something like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Cookie Crisp. 8. Oatmeal An old favorite. Warm oatmeal is easy to eat when you’re under the weather. Not as boring as one might think, oatmeal is easily spruced up with butter, brown sugar and maple syrup to add taste. What’s even easier is the Quaker instant oatmeal that includes those ingredients in powdered form. 9. Fresh fruit Breakfast is not all about bread and meat. Fresh fruit in the morning is easy to digest and is an efficient source of raw energy for the day. If the water based fruits are not filling enough, go with bananas. Besides, you can always cut the fruit up and add it to your other favorite breakfasts. 10. Bagels The thickest, heaviest form of breakfast toast. A plain bagel with cream cheese, as simple as that sounds, is a wonderful and satisfying breakfast. Flavored bagels and cream
athletic days are long in the past. His father watches basketball in Tampa, but not much football. The children learned football because it was a way to assimilate into their new neighborhood. "It broke the culture barrier," Agholor said. "A lot of kids in my neighborhood when I was younger played street football. My brothers and sisters always wanted me to come outside and play. These kids were playing a game, and I felt if we went out there and learned, they would accept us. And they did." Agholor watched the draft from a two bedroom apartment in Tampa he kept while he was training. He thought it was an appropriate way to spend the life changing moment after growing up in a three bedroom apartment with his parents and siblings. Agholor shared a room with his two brothers, in what he described as an "amazing" childhood. Agholor developed into a top high school recruit who spurned Kelly and Oregon for Southern Cal. After three seasons with the Trojans and his selection in the draft,
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