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Trends make it easier to enjoy the journey in 2015 1 More multigenerational travel options. While technology may make it easier for modern and mobile families to stay in touch, there is no substitute for spending time together. That’s why an increasing number of clans are celebrating milestone moments and annual holidays in destination resorts, on cruise ships and in places that hold sentimental value. To make planning easier, the industry continues to develop programs and packages intended to engage every member of the family.2 More sharing. From unique accommodations to urban bike share stations, the options for authentic, peer to peer experiences continue to expand. Uber, a leader in the car sharing movement, recently launched UberFamily in several major markets with plans to expand in the year ahead. Families can request rides in vehicles that offer car and booster seats.3 Enhanced technology. Strap on your smart watch or access mike alstott 3xl authentic jersey new functionality on your smartphone or tablet, and check in, track, plan and
and increasing competition could lead to the expansion of other services. airport remains focused on working with airlines partners to identify different destinations, he said. have a positive view that Townsville to Gold Coast services would prove popular given the rapid growth of the Gold Coast coast not just as a tourism destination but as a city in its own right. Enterprise Tourism and Events executive manager Bridget Woods said TEL would like to see passenger numbers continue to grow through greater capacity in direct flights from major hubs such as Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and Auckland. typically has the highest number of visitors which is a combination of business and leisure travel that driven by visiting friends and relatives, great weather, our natural assets and an enviable events calendar, Ms Woods said. challenge now is to ensure dispersal of those visitors across the region so that they are staying in our hotels, visiting our attractions and dining in our restaurants. addition to improving passenger
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