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integrated health care system, the largest in the nation. The VA stands atop a critical triad of support three pillars that enable holistic health care for our patients: research, leading to advances in medical care; training that’s essential to build and maintain proficiency of care; and delivery of clinical care to help those in need. Heyman Service to America medals. No single institution trains more doctors or nurses than VA. doctors have received training at VA. Each year, VA trains, educates and provides practical experience for 62,000 medical students and residents, 23,000 nurses and 33,000 trainees in other health fields people who go shaq thompson 2xl women jersey on to provide health care not just to veterans but to most Americans. The 278,000 employees of the Veterans Health Administration work in a system spanning all 50 states and beyond, providing from Maine to Manila a high volume of quality, clinical care. Our 150 flagship VA Medical Centers are connected to 819 Community Based Outpatient Clinics, 300 Vet Centers providing readjustment
Weight and Density Which of us hasn’t fallen for the old riddle: What weighsmore, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers? Now that Astronautsregularly seem to be demonstrating "weightlessness", ( yet we knowthey still have all of the matter or mass they had when they were onearth,) more of us are beginning appreciate the weight massconfusion. Like many confusing concepts, after they are finallyunderstood, they are still difficult to explain to others who don’tunderstand. We hope we can explain the difference between mass,weight and density so clearly that you will have no troubleexplaining the difference to your students. Mass: This concept is so basic that, likelength and time, it is really impossible to define. Isaac Newtoncalled mass the quantity of matter. We can talk all around itbut we will finally have to admit that our words fail. Some say massis the amount of matter in something (and hope that no one asks: Whatis matter?). Others say mass is the measure of an object’s inertia(which assumes we
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