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retired in 1996, with 18 years of service still unspent. The Navy said it sank the vessel in a controlled flooding, with explosives set inside the ship. That was the culmination of a 25 day series of explosives tests geared to help in the design of the CVN 78, a carrier now being planned at Northrop Grumman Newport News. Walt Waite, the vice president of USS America Carrier Veterans Association who served as a boatswain’s mate on the ship in the late 1960s, said Tony Romo Grey Women’s Game Jersey the vessel probably didn’t sink straight down but could have shifted a mile or more in the descent. "That flight deck with the taper of the hull would actually act like a wing," Waite said. "It could have traveled forward, or it could have gone into a left or right turn. I’d be very surprised if she’s directly under the spot she was last seen on the surface." The Navy listed the water depth in the area of the America’s sinking as being 2,810 fathoms, or 16,860 feet. That’s about 4,200 feet deeper than the spot at which the Titanic sits
water play. Themed evening programs for the kids provide parents with the option to enjoy tennis under the lights, a quiet dinner or entertainment.3 With your school aged kids. You’ll feel right at home checking into Hawks Cay, a family friendly resort where your children can get to know the resident dolphins, swim in a saltwater lagoon, learn to sail and snorkel as part of the Camp Hawk program for 5 to 12 year olds. Great restaurants offer plenty of options for family dining. Parents can play tennis, work out, relax by one of several pools or check out the adjacent spa where treatments come with a delicious key lime scent. The resort is located at the midpoint between Key West and the mainland, so end the day with an evening sail to catch a glorious sunset.4 With your teen. Unplug for a week while exploring Maine’s woods and the Allagash River. This classic wilderness expedition provides your teen the opportunity to connect with nature (and you) while paddling along this protected National Wild and Scenic River
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