Mick Spillane, Arthur Quinlan, Pascal Storan (Captain 1953/54)



Former “Captain” of Shannon Rowing Club Mr Pascal Storan paid a visit after many years to the clubhouse on sarsfield bridge last week to catch up on times past and find out about the club. He was delighted to find out that the club is up and running again and attracting new members to the sport of rowing. He was met in the club by the oldest member of the club Mr Arthur Quinlan who is 93 years young.Also in attendance was Mick Spillane who rowed with Pascal back in 1953/54.They enjoyed reminising about their days with SRC and promised to keep in touch.

The club thanks Pascal for his visit and wishes him all the best for the future in his home in wexford.


British Schools Rowing Championship.

Wishing Ruth Gilligan and Lauren Mc Hugh the best of luck this weekend at the british schools rowing championships in Nottingham where they will be representing their school Laurel Hill and also Shannon Rowing Club.

Lauren & Ruth at the British Schools Championship in Nottingham.

Ruth And Lauren in the Vespoli pair.










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